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Improve efficiency, Increase Productivity, and Excel at work by receiving Certified PolyWorks training.

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Work Smarter not harder. Let PolyWorks improve your 3D processes.
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3D Scanning, Inspection, Rapid Modeling, and more…

Utilizing the latest in white light & Laser scanning technology
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Tebis provides CAD/CAM solutions for every phase in the process chain.
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Support for US Companies

With the current economic situation, 3D Scan IT, Inc has announced a incentive program designed for US based Corperations. "This is our way of trying to assist U.S. based companies going through a difficult time" say's Jim Dillon, Sales Manager of 3D Scan IT, Inc. when discussing the %5 Discount for US Based Corperations.

Since 3D Scanning Technology is a major factor to reducing cost and improving time to market, sales at 3D Scan IT have been steady dispite the economic downturn. "Since our services save our customers money, we're often precieved as the heroes when we go on a job", say Bob Squier President of 3D Scan IT, Inc. 3D Scanning Services can be used in all step of the manufacturing process, from design delvelopment, tooling, fixturing and inspection. "We're in nearly every market, including consumer products, automotive, aerospace, ship building, military, medical, music and movies, the list just goes on an on..." say's Jim Dillon.

Do to the current downsizing trend within the automotive industies, our 'Scan Temps' is another product offering which has become very popular, says Bob Squier. 'Scan Temps' allows companies with own 3d scanning technology but no longer retain the talent to perform the services. "Our Staff is qualified on nearly every major brand of scanning technology" reports Jim Dillon.

For more information on ways 3D Scanning can improve your companies outlook contact Jim Dillon at 248-545-5399 or Jim@3DScanIT.com

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Improve efficiency, Increase Productivity, and Excel at work by receiving Certified PolyWorks training.
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Whether you're casting, milling, molding or stamping, PolyWorks is the complete solution for you.
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